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Do average consumers use OTT social chat apps more than SMS?

The number of OTT users worldwide is growing fast, and forecast to continue growing for the next few years. In line with this growth, worldwide OTT messaging traffic is also expected to increase exponentially in the near future. Over the course of full-year 2013, OTT messaging traffic exceeded 25 trillion messages. Over the next five year period from Jan-2014 to Dec-2018, OTT messaging traffic worldwide will reach a whopping 40 trillion messages during 2014, cross 50 trillion during 2015 and breach a staggering 90 trillion during full-year 2018. With growth during 2013 coming in at 129 percent, it is estimated that the CAGR over the next five years up to 2018 will be a massive 29 percent average per annum.  Continue Reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Messaging 1994 to 2017

Please download and share this free infographic, highlighting for you the past, present and future of mobile messaging from 1994 to 2017. Continue Reading »

SMS cannibalisation by OTT is minimal in the short term

Portio Research labels huge OTT forecasts ‘extremely conservative’; SMS cannibalisation minimal in short term New research includes ground-breaking five-year OTT messaging forecasts – that project OTT traffic will surpass 20 trillion messages in 2016.  Continue Reading »

Portio Research outlines challenging future for MMS

Portio Research outlines challenging future for MMS; MMS to generate over USD 180 billion during 2012-2016 MMS, launched after the initial success of SMS to deliver multimedia content, has until recently been the second greatest revenue generating non-voice service, after SMS: in 2011, nearly USD 31 billion of the worldwide mobile messaging market’s USD 202 billion came from MMS.  Continue Reading »