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OTT Messaging Apps are NOT Cannibalising SMS in the Vast Majority of Markets

In several key mobile messaging markets, SMS and OTT messaging apps are working quite nicely alongside each other. Many media reports present a picture that OTT messaging apps are cannibalising SMS use and that MNO’s are losing billions in SMS revenue. In fact, this is not completely true. Some SMS markets have peaked and shifted into a decline phase, and growth in some others has levelled off, but many SMS markets are still enjoying solid growth.  Continue Reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Messaging 1994 to 2017

Please download and share this free infographic, highlighting for you the past, present and future of mobile messaging from 1994 to 2017. Continue Reading »

Have MNOs really LOST billions of SMS dollars to OTT messaging apps?

We recently published the 7th annual edition of our industry-leading Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017 market report. This all-new report looks at all aspects of the mobile messaging business in close detail, and asks a number of important questions.  Continue Reading »

OTT messaging apps and social networks

Video shares using Twitter’s Vine plummeted (70 percent in just a day or two) at the end of June when Instagram launched support for video. This does not surprise me at all. Social networking apps, OTT messaging apps and image sharing apps are all prone to this 'mob culture'.  Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday SMS!

Text messaging is 20 years old today, and despite the many media reports telling us that SMS is past its peak, and that WhatsApp and other OTT messaging apps are now set to replace SMS, the reality is that SMS is in the hands of more consumers than ever before, and worldwide, SMS popularity, traffic and revenues are still rising. Continue Reading »

Pricing Voice and SMS

Voice and text prices obviously vary across different geographies, but the way voice and text prices compare to each other within each country is key to consumer behaviour. Continue Reading »

Seven reasons to be upbeat about the future of SMS

Seven good reasons to be upbeat about the future of SMS: While our latest research forecasts that traffic from OTT messaging services will hit 20.3 trillion by end-2016 – a staggering number which we believe is still extremely conservative – this does not mean that OTT messaging will cannibalise over 20 trillion text messages. Continue Reading »

Will OTT messaging apps become interoperable?

Currently, OTT messaging apps definitely stand alone, and at the present time we see them staying that way. There are essential differences between SMS and OTT messaging apps, and it's about far more than just pricing. Continue Reading »