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What apps are people using?

Worldwide, smartphone and tablet users downloaded 46 billion apps in 2012, and they will download a further 82 billion apps in 2013, almost doubling the size of the market. We all know games are popular, but what else are people downloading? Continue Reading »

Wireless Wisdom for 2013 and Beyond

While many countries still struggle amid tough economic conditions, the wireless space continues to see significant growth worldwide, and remains a highly exciting industry representing massive opportunities.  Continue Reading »

Trillion Dollar Mobile

In full year 2012, worldwide mobile service revenues reached $1.4 Trillion US Dollars, a figure up from $1.3 Trillion US Dollars in full year 2011.  Continue Reading »

Understanding Growth in Smartphone Markets

Smartphones grab all the headlines and steal the limelight at trade shows, but the fact remains that 5 out of every 6 mobile subscribers worldwide does not yet own a smartphone. Continue Reading »