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OTT Messaging Apps are NOT Cannibalising SMS in the Vast Majority of Markets

In several key mobile messaging markets, SMS and OTT messaging apps are working quite nicely alongside each other. Many media reports present a picture that OTT messaging apps are cannibalising SMS use and that MNO’s are losing billions in SMS revenue. In fact, this is not completely true. Some SMS markets have peaked and shifted into a decline phase, and growth in some others has levelled off, but many SMS markets are still enjoying solid growth.  Continue Reading »

Wireless Wisdom for 2013 and Beyond

While many countries still struggle amid tough economic conditions, the wireless space continues to see significant growth worldwide, and remains a highly exciting industry representing massive opportunities.  Continue Reading »

Understanding Growth in Smartphone Markets

Smartphones grab all the headlines and steal the limelight at trade shows, but the fact remains that 5 out of every 6 mobile subscribers worldwide does not yet own a smartphone. Continue Reading »

Competitiveness of Mobile Markets

Market competitiveness can be measured by studying the number of players in a market and the size of the market share they each have.  Continue Reading »

Worldwide Mobile Handset Installed Base

Worldwide, mobile penetration crossed 85% in 2011, and will touch 100% some time around the end of 2013. Over the last five years, as the focus of the mobile industry has shifted from voice and messaging, to apps and data services, so we have seen the incredible fast rise in popularity of smartphones. Continue Reading »

8 Trillion USD in 5 years

Mobile services revenues worldwide will add up to just short of $8 Trillion USD over Full-Year 2012 to Full-Year 2016 inclusive. Continue Reading »

Don't Completely Forget the Basics

While sales of smartphones and app downloads grab all the media attention, basic voice and messaging services still generate the bulk of MNO service revenues Continue Reading »