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Wireless Wisdom for 2013 and Beyond

While many countries still struggle amid tough economic conditions, the wireless space continues to see significant growth worldwide, and remains a highly exciting industry representing massive opportunities.  Continue Reading »

8 Trillion USD in 5 years

Mobile services revenues worldwide will add up to just short of $8 Trillion USD over Full-Year 2012 to Full-Year 2016 inclusive. Continue Reading »

Don't Completely Forget the Basics

While sales of smartphones and app downloads grab all the media attention, basic voice and messaging services still generate the bulk of MNO service revenues Continue Reading »

The New Kings of Mobile and Wireless

The mobile landscape is shifting dramatically, and over the last few years we have seen massive changes. We are seeing a generational shift in the balance of power within mobile and wireless, and MNOs are under threat even more than ever.  Continue Reading »

Pricing Voice and SMS

Voice and text prices obviously vary across different geographies, but the way voice and text prices compare to each other within each country is key to consumer behaviour. Continue Reading »